What We Do

StreetLightUSA is a residential center providing holistic care to girls ages 11-17 who have been victimized by child sex trafficking or sexual trauma.

Mission Statement

To transition adolescent girls from trauma to triumph.



StreetLightUSA serves girls age 11-17 who have experienced sexual trauma. We are helping girls find a new way forward so they can become independent, confident, and successful young women.

Vision Statement

Through research, strategic partnerships, and innovative models of care, StreetLightUSA strives to be the nationally recognized leader in restoring the lives of adolescent girls, who are victims of sexual trauma.



StreetLightUSA uses a three prong strategy to achieve its mission:

  • Awareness: We educate the public and first responders about the realities of child sex trafficking.
  • Prevention: We work with elected leaders and community stakeholders to change laws and increase access to services.
  • Direct Care: We provide a safe environment that enables trust and healing for the victims.