Her Basic Needs


Girls receive individual and group counseling to overcome the trauma they have suffered.



We strive to provide a nutritious diet for our girls. Healthy meals and snacks are one of our biggest expenses.


Girls often don’t have any clothes when they come to us. We provide new undergarments, clothing, and shoes.


It takes a big facilIty to house our girls. With that come big expenses for utilities.

Her Events

We try to make birthdays, proms, cultural celebrations, and other events special for the girls.

Welcome Baskets

Girls often come to us with out any belongings. When they arrive we provide a basket full necessities.


We face challenges in transporting all our girls to group events.

Caregiver Respite

Working with sex trafficking victims significantly impacts on the physical and psychological health of staff. High levels of support are needed.

Incentive Store

Girls are awarded points based on their actions and can spend those points in our incentives store.