StreetLightUSA’s prevention program includes mobilizing individuals, groups, businesses and faith communities throughout the United States. Our initiatives provide opportunities for collective impact while preserving each collaborators mission. Additionally StreetLightUSA participates in university research as a way to share its knowledge base with others combatting child sex trafficking and sexual trauma.prevention2


StreetLightUSA is recognized globally as it has become known as a best practices model. Justice systems from across the world attend knowledge sharing sessions at StreetLightUSA’s residential campus.


StreetLightUSA accepts rescued victims from across the United States.


Survivor’s value in the relational and healing process is critical to the success of our residents. Survivors are strategically placed to serve as peer mentors, advocates, and compassionate listeners. They also conduct group learning sessions, work on program design and evaluation, and so much more.


Key Staff advocates and the StreetLightUSA Speakers Bureau promote prevention by educating communities about the realities of the issue and share our experience and knowledge.lecture


StreetLightUSA also serves as subject matter experts for policy makers to ensure they are making informed decisions on laws and policies affecting child victims.