Our Programs

StreetLightUSA uses a three-prong strategy to combat child sex trafficking and sexual trauma: Direct Care, Prevention, and Public Awareness.

Direct Care Philosophy

StreetLightUSA works to create individual and community change through advocating and providing services for adolescent sexual abuse victims and sexually exploited minors.
StreetLightUSA recognizes that healing from sexual trauma is a marathon, not a sprint and has therefore, positioned itself to walk beside trauma survivors as they heal and build a future that is free of the contamination of their past.

StreetLightUSA is committed is to changing these young girls lives through the creation and implementation of researched based programs, while working to publicly advocate and educate the community on the misperceptions of sexual exploitation, and dismantle the systems and policies which negatively affect those that the system is supposed to protect.IMG_0923

StreetLightUSA believes that each victim has within her the potential for post-traumatic growth, which if tapped, will propel her toward a productive and fulfilled life. But for this actualization to take place these girls need to be identified, supported and protected until they have it within them to forge their path forward.

Prevention Program Philosophy

To begin dealing with the national problem of child sex trafficking, we must accept that there are no easy solutions. We believe that multiple prevention strategies are needed.

StreetLightUSA believes it is important to engage in strategic partnerships to mobilize communities to actively engage in prevention efforts.

StreetLightUSA is committed to reaching out to policy makers to ensure that they act in the best interest of child victims.

StreetLightUSA believes that to prevent child sex trafficking, it must reach out to girls who are at high risk of becoming victims. These girls are admitted to StreetLightUSA and are given the tools to become strong, independent, and successful women so they do not fall prey to pimps and predators.

Public Awareness Program Philosophy

We believe public awareness is about strategically telling the story of StreetLightUSA.hanging out

We recognize the need to prepare relevant informational materials to various audiences and stakeholders. This includes printed material, structured presentations, and engaging social media tactics.

StreetLightUSA uses a mix of activities to conduct its public awareness including:

  • Social Media Outreach
  • National and Regional Print, Broadcast, Online and Trade Media Outreach
  • Celebrity, Influencer and Artistry Relations
  • Third Party Subject Matter Experts who can tell StreetLightUSA’s story.
  • Events
  • Policy maker education
  • Tours for law enforcement, child welfare workers, and church leaders
  • Press Material Development