Get Engaged Faith Partners

Faith Communities are in a position to encourage their members to join the cause. Here are some ideas on how you can help. For information on any of these, Contact Us at for more information.

Host Interns

Host one of our Boots on the Ground interns.We need help providing housing, transportation, and meals.

Host a fundraiser

There are many fundraisers—both large and small—that you can do to raise donations for StreetLightUSA. See a list.

Donate Hour of Power

Individuals can donate one hour of pay per check to support our programs.

Circle of Faith

The Circle of Faith is composed of places of worship who have entered into a formal agreement to provide prayer, service, and financial support to StreetLightUSA.
Download Our Agreement.

Collect Needed Items

Everyday household items are needed. Find out more about our needs.

Service Projects

Recruit a group of people to come do service projects at StreetLightUSA. See some ideas for service projects.

Special Collection

Do a special collection to benefit StreetLightUSA once a quarter.

ACT NOW! Missions

Bring a mission group to StreetLightUSA.

Host A Camp

Bring the girls to your faith community for a camp. It could be a weekend, a few days, or week-long event.

Lend Your Talent

You can become a mentor, tutors, teacher, or other volunteer by sharing your skills and hobbies with the girls.

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