State Budget


StreetLightUSA saved the state of Arizona $1.24 million in 2013. Our costs are $71 dollars a day, per child, less than the cost of incarceration. (StreetLightUSA also provides donated services, e.g. medical, activities, and other professional resources beyond what is required by law.)

Justice System

Source for information and knowledge for judges, court personnel, probation officers, and prosecutors.

StreetLightUSA’s specialized residential center provides an alternative to incarceration.

We get placements from law enforcement from across the country.

Public Awareness

299 community presentation over the past three years.

29,495 people reached through community presentation






1. Universities/Interns

StreetLightUSA’s excellent reputation of being an international model, has made it a perfect venue for research and internships.
International delegations have come to observe what makes StreetLightUSA successful.

2. First Responders

Law enforcement, child welfare workers, probation officers, court personnel, and prosecution staff visit StreetLightUSA for training.

3. Crime

Each trafficked girl was expected to perform up to ten times or more per day. StreetLightUSA prevented 65,500 rapes in 2013 by providing a safe place to stay for trafficking victims.