Get your school engaged in saving lives! There are many things students can do to support StreetLightUSA.

Implement an awareness program

Hold a forum, form a group, or host a movie screening.

Collect Much Needed Items

Everyday household items are needed. Find out more about our needs.

Hold A Membership Drive

Recruit students and faculty to join our StreetTeamUSA or become a Social Media Ally to spread the word about StreetLightUSA.

Intern at StreetLightUSA

You can become an intern and see firsthand the difference we are making in children’s’ lives.

Host A Fundraiser

From age 6 to 96, there is a way for everyone to pitch in. Here are some ideas for raising funds for StreetLightUSA.

Service Projects

Recruit a group of people to come do service projects at StreetLightUSA. See some ideas for service projects.