Direct Care

StreetLightUSA provides a continuum of care through a holistic model combining a relational approach and therapy for child victims of sex trafficking and sexual trauma.

Direct Care is one of the strategies used by StreetLightUSA to combat child sex trafficking and sexual trauma.


StreetLightUSA’s program features:

  • 24-hour care Portrait of a student writing a paper
  • A safe, fully staffed, and secured campus.
  • Direct Care staff members are experienced in the care of troubled adolescents.
  • Transportation to medical, legal, behavioral health and educational services
  • On-site case management to prepare an individualized plan of care to develop healthy body, spirit, and mind.
  • Therapeutic services, including counseling, survivor led sessions, dance, drama, art, and others address the effects of abuse and exploitation.
  • Development of life skills and career goals.
  • Assistance with legal matters.
  • Young Adult Transition Program.
  • Mentor Program.
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