From 2009-2011, more than 70 places of worship from across the nation combined their fundraising efforts and generated $2.5 million in initial support for StreetLightUSA®. We are deeply grateful to these churches whose focus is restoration. Through their commission, the foundation for StreetLightUSA® has evolved and we continue our work to restore each child victim’s mind, body, and spirit so that she may experience life at its fullest.

To date, StreetLightUSA continues to focus on its commission for children “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds declares the Lord, because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no one cares.” Jeremiah 30:17


Our mission is to transition adolescent girls from trauma to triumph. StreetLightUSA® implements its mission through a three-tier strategy of Awareness, Prevention, and Direct Care.

Through Awareness our speakers bureau and subject matter experts educate communities on the realities of sex trafficking and exploitation of minors and engage individuals by challenging them to unite with us in changing the path of injustice.

Our Prevention efforts include partnering with universities and subject matter experts to create evidence based programs that become best practices for our residential campus. StreetLightUSA understands the value of evaluation in the development of evidence based programs. When opportunities arise, StreetLightUSA’s President/CEO and members of our staff serve as subject matter for branches of the United States justice system working to protect children from further sexual exploitation.

Direct Care Services, through our residential campus, we provide a healing and safe environment for adolescent girls age 11-17, who have been rescued from sex trafficking.

Our partnership with private corporations, public law makers, law enforcement, human services, and faith-based organizations establishes a collective impact that is interrupting the victimization of adolescent girls by the sex trade and perpetrators posing as individuals who care. We are helping girls find a new way forward so they can become independent, confident and successful young women.


In 2007, Christian and community leaders in Arizona became aware of the growing pandemic of child sex trafficking occurring throughout the United States and in their own backyard. They asked the question, “What if one of our greatest testimonies to society became a unified loving effort among market place leaders, city decision makers, young people, churches, faith-based and non-profit organizations and they didn’t just talked about the injustice of child sex trafficking but also helped to solve the barriers to caring and healing these children?”

In response, we developed a dynamic case study of the potential for solving problems through multi-sector cooperation. Our collaboration include faith communities, major law enforcement agencies (from local vice units to State and US Attorneys General), medical field, social services, mayor’s offices, like-minded non-profits, Homeland Security and the FBI, students and faculty of leading universities, the business sector, and thousands of individuals zealous to play a role in eradicating this injustice. The multi-sector cooperation created a three tier strategy, Awareness, Prevention, and Direct Care that guides StreetLightUSA’s work today in fulfilling its commission.